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Office of Educational Development

  • Location :
    Location: Centennial Hall (Continuing Education
    Center/ Center for Teaching and Learning/Innovation
    Center for Engineering Education)


Department Category Room no. TEL FAX
Continuing Education Center Centennial Hall 4F 02-970-9192  
Center for Teaching and Learning 02-970-9251~4 02-970-9255
Innovation Center for Engineering Accreditation team 02-970-9231~2  
Innovation team 02-970-9233~5  

Continuing Education Center

  • People of the modern day live in a world of rapid changes and are thus confronted with the need to achieve constant self-development to lead worthy lives and overcoming new challenges amid the development of scientific technology and industrial advancement.
  • The educational need that is newly deducted by the characteristics of the modern society and the technology that supports this phenomenon have broken the traditional role and meaning of education for humankind and society to newly define learning as a continuous process of life rather than a certain part of human life. This is why the society increasingly demands universities to become more open and multifunctional.
  • In particular, one of the established purposes of『Industrial College』is to provide adult learners with quick, flexible educational opportunities for increasing knowledge, technologies and information. This will help learners to confront rapid social developments and fulfill the intellectual desires of regional residents, which will in turn drive regional development. Another purpose is to provide various job training opportunities to individuals that are shifting from one job to another.
  • Thus, the ‘Social Education Center’ is installed and operated within the university to promote the efficient socialization and systematic management and support of learning through outstanding personnel and maximum use of available facilities. By doing so, the SNUST endeavors to actively fulfill the government policy for enhancing the quality of public life.
  • Establish development plan for Continuing Education Center·Establish and manage financial plans
  • Develop operation programs and process
  • Acquire and manage educational facilities and equipment
  • Develop PR plans and recruit students
  • Appoint and manage instructorsㆍ Manage consigned education
  • Update homepage of Continuing Education Center

Center for Teaching and Learning

Based on the goal of building a support system that can be applied to the university site along with systematic R&D of effective teaching and learning methods, the Center for Teaching and Learning supports specialized research for educational performance policies centered on education, learning and media and supports the teaching and learning activities of all university members. By doing so, the Center for Teaching and Learning creates a satisfactory high-quality educational environment to promote educational competitiveness.
  • Support training of newly appointed professors
  • Support teaching-learning method seminars
  • Support research on improving teaching-learning methods
  • Produce and support school cyber lectures
  • Support e-Learning education

Innovation Center for Engineering

Under the established purpose for innovating engineering education, the Innovation Center for Engineering carries out various tasks, such as the operation of the engineering education accreditation system, for fostering creative individuals that can lead the era of limitless technical competition.
  • Research for development of engineering education and educational programs
  • Support acquisition of engineering education accreditation (ABEEK) and operation of programs
  • Discover and carry out tasks for developing engineering education, such as improvement of lectures, construction of student guidance system and questionnaires
  • Support holding and participating in academic activities related with engineering education (conferences, forums, worships, etc.)
  • Provide data and information on engineering education