Domestic Credit Exchanges

Qualification for application

  • Current students who have not been penalized according to School Regulations

Documents to submit

  • 1 copy of Recognition of credit exchange from other university form (Attached form No. 5)
  • Material to comprehend the outline of curriculum and subject to be taken from another university (lecture plan etc.)

Tuition and credit registration

  • Tuition : the applicant will pay the semester tuition to our university for the credits to be acquired from the subject applied through “Recognition of credit exchange from other university form”
  • Credit registration : application possible within 6 credits per semester, included in credit limitation per semester

Application method and period

  • Application period : specified registration period for each semester
  • Applying method
  • Student : check the availability and subject of the desired university before registration and complete “Recognition of credit exchange from other university form” (Attached form No.5) → submit to head of department after confirmation from supervising professor
  • Department (School) : Submit the gathered recognition forms to the Office of Academic Affairs
  • Office of Academic Affairs : register the gathered recognition forms simultaneously

Recognition of credit

  • Range of recognition : within 6 credits each semester
  • Application for credit recognition
  • Student: after completing subject complete the Attached form No.6 and submit to head of department (school)
  • Department (School): decide whether to recognize the credits and submit the results to the Office of Academic Affairs

Credit exchange universities

  • Kyung Hee University, Korea University, Kongju National University, Kwangwoon University, Kookmin University, Dankuk University, Daejin University, Myongji University, Mokpo University, Sahmyook Univeristy, University of Seoul, Seoul Women’s University, Suncheon University, Soogsil University, Yonsei University, Hankuk Aviation University, Hansung University, and Hongik University
  • [Annexed paper form No. 5] Letter of acknowledgement for application for lecture of credits exchange of other
  • [Annexed paper form N o. 6] Letter of acknowledgement for credits of credits exchange of other universities