Degree Program

  • Program Offered
  • Undergraduate Freshman
  • Undergraduate Transfer (3rd year transfer)
  • Master’s Program
  • Combined Master’s & Doctoral Program
  • Doctoral Program

Exchange Program


  • Must be a full time student who are currently enrolled in one of our partner universities which has valid academic
    agreement for student exchange with Seoul Tech.
    ※ Please consult with a relevant person in your home institution for your eligibility.
  • Must have an ability to study in any of the courses taught in English or in Korean, at least for one semester.
    ※ No official test score of English or Korean required, but need to fulfil the standards required by your home institution.
  • Must have a willingness and passion to learn Korean language and Korean culture.


  • Most courses are taught in Korean but each college or department offers number of courses taught in English. You can see the list of courses taught in English.
  • + List of Courses taught in English in 2013

Korean Language Program

  • Korean Language Program introduced by SeoulTech is an intensive Korean language training program for foreigners and overseas Korean who wish to learn Korean Language and Culture. Through the program, students will learn Korean language skills and culture to function at an academic level.
  • Class Hours per Term: 4 terms per year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter)
  • Number of Weeks: 10 weeks (per term)
  • Hours of Instruction: 250 hours (5 hours/day × 5 days/week × 10 weeks)
  • Class days: Monday to Friday
  • Class Hours: 5 hours Morning session (9:00 am to 2:00 pm)
  • Tuition: 1,300,000 Korean Won per
  • Qualification: Adult learners who have graduated from high school or higher
  • Registration process: Application reception → Document assessment → Tuition payment → Issuing a letter of acceptance → Obtain a Visa to enter Korea